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[Closed] Impulse Control: What It Is and How to Teach It

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Impulse Control: What It Is and How to Teach It

Impulse control is self-control for your dog. Training your dog to sit quietly and patiently wait for his dinner is an example of impulse control. 

Impulse control is an important thing to teach any dog, and Havanese are no exception! You’ll find your dog to be calmer, quieter, and more patient. It’s also a great preventative against some troublesome behaviors. For example, if you teach your Havanese puppy to sit calmly at the door when someone knocks, then you can curb behavioral issues later on centered around strangers coming to the door; e.g. barking, growling at visitors. While Havanese are a gentle, friendly breed by nature, it is still important to give them the best tools possible!



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